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Hi... I’m Bishal, a freelance content writer and inbound marketing strategist. I help small and medium businesses, startups, and individuals build and benefit from amazing content marketing strategies that yield results.

From blogs to whitepapers, emails to podcasts and video scripts, multimedia content creation to full-fledged content and inbound marketing services– I can help you create branded content that increases user engagement and higher organic visibility.


Blog Posts

I am a full-time blogger who likes to help freelancers and businesses learn digital marketing through my blogs.


I offer content writing, multimedia content creation, marketing consultation, and inbound marketing services.

About me

I’m a C2 Proficient (CEFR) certified blogger and Inbound Marketing Specialist with 6+ years in the industry.

content that connects you with your target audience

Generate more sales...

With well-researched and optimized content for higher organic visibility, I’ll see to it that there’s an influx of new leads, queries, and orders for your business.

I’m not saying that I will make you tons of money from the first week itself. That’d be a white lie! But I can assure you that with strategic and well-structured content posted continuously across several platforms will help you brand reach more people. And with a wider group seeing your content, there is every chance of driving organic and referral leads towards your brand.

As I’ll help you create multimedia content for each level of the buyer’s journey, viz. Top of the Funnel, Middle of the Funnel, and Bottom of the Funnel, you’ll be able to tap into previously untapped markets.

Yes, it will take time. But if you want a sustainable online business, this is the only way.

Are you willing to take the leap for your benefit?

What I blog about

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What Sets My Services Apart?

With my content marketing efforts, you get more than just lines of text. Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect once you hire me for your content writing needs.

But why should you hire me and not someone else? Well, here are some add-ons I bring to the table:

Expert, Authoritative, and Trustworthy content.

Handpicked words that help persuade viewers to perform a desired action.

I ensure all content is optimized for organic search visibility. You’ll get SEO reports with each submission.

Well, I am C2 Proficient- certified blogger. That’s the topmost rank CEFR offers, meaning I’m as proficient in English as a native should be, if not better. Besides, I also have relevant certifications from Hubspot, Google, and Microsoft Academy.

Usually, I work 9-6 PST on weekdays. But I can always adjust my schedule per your time zone. And if you wish to communicate with me, I am available across platforms, including Slack, Skype, Telegram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Email, Hangouts, and mobile phone.

I will engage your audience with flat icons, lossless images, gifs, and videos alongside text content.

I can adapt my writing and content creation style as per your target audience’s demographics while maintaining a consistent brand identity.

All of the submissions, be it blogs or multimedia will include relevant reports validating their authenticity.

No kidding here! I believe time is money. You can rest assured all of your projects will be delivered on or before deadlines.

I don’t pile you with things you don’t need. There are no hidden prices, surcharges, or unexpected price hikes. Everything is done via legal agreements and NDA. All prices quoted are based on detailed research of your requirements.


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