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mediocre content marketing brings YAWNS;

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hyper-targeted CONTENT

it will make you go "WHOA!"

Captivating Copy

Hook ‘em and Reel ‘em In! 🌟

Content that hooks your readers like cat videos on the internet – irresistible and addictive! As a master wordsmith, I offer a treasure trove of captivating copy that will leave your audience spellbound.

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SEO Sorcery

Cast SEO Spells to Soar Higher🚀

Watch in awe as your website rises to the top of search results like a phoenix soaring from the ashes! My SEO sorcery covers a spellbinding array of techniques like keyword research, backlinking, and more.

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Content Strategy

Spice Up Things Strategically🔥

Making your brand’s content sizzle like bacon on a Sunday morning with well-crafted plans. As a content strategist extraordinaire, I offer a smorgasbord of services to make your brand shine.

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Editing Excellence

Shine Bright with Finesse💃

Get ready to witness your content transformed into a sparkling masterpiece! I offer a range of editing services that will make your content shine brighter than a disco ball at a '70s party.

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AI Content

Embrace Techno-Wonders 🤖

Combining the brilliance of human creativity with the precision of artificial intelligence. Try out my range of AI-powered content services that will take your brand to new heights.

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Content Audit

Unearth Content Treasures💎

Discover the secrets hidden in your content kingdom! I'll comb through every nook and cranny of your website and socials, unveiling hidden gems and identifying areas for improvement.

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about ME

self-proclaimed content marketing nerd!

Hey, I'm Bishal, your content confidante and brand's best-kept secret. With a passion for storytelling and a knack for strategy, I'm the alchemist behind spellbinding content that captures hearts and minds.

No clichés, just content that leaves your competition wondering, "How do they do it?" If you're looking for someone who takes content seriously but never themselves, you've struck gold!

I produce content that grabs attention and sticks around longer than uninvited relatives at your place. No fluff, no nonsense, just content that cuts through the noise and leaves your competition scratching their heads. 

From SEO sorcery that takes your website to new heights to content strategy that sizzles like bacon on a Sunday morning, I've got the spells to make your brand stand out in the digital realm.

With a blend of art and science, I delve deep into your brand's essence, unearthing the keys to content that captivates and converts. The formula is simple: Strategy x Creativity = Content that resonates with your audience on a deep level.

Through meticulous research, creative finesse, and data-driven insights, I craft content that achieves real results. Step into my realm, and let's work together to create content that dazzles and delights!

Ready to Rock Your Content Game?

Don't wait for a magical invitation; click that button below, and let's chat about how we can work together to make your content shine like a supernova!


unique niches, unique approaches

industries SERVED

from B2B to D2C and everything in between


Guiding brands to soar in the ever-evolving digital landscape, turning clicks into conversions and followers into loyal fans.


Demystifying complex topics and building trust through compelling content that make tech products relatable and irresistible.


Translating technical jargon into accessible language, showcasing the genius of your software solutions.


Navigating the cryptic world of blockchain, creating content that demystifies this revolutionary technology.

B2B Copy

Strengthening B2B relationships with persuasive content that fosters trust and drives growth.

B2C Copy

In the realm of B2C (Business to Consumer) and D2C (Direct to Consumer), I've harnessed the power of storytelling to create unforgettable content experiences.


Crafting content that entices shoppers, turning browsing into a delightful retail therapy.


I've woven delightful content that celebrates the magic of our furry companions. From heartwarming tales to informative guides, I've crafted it all.

diverse range of CONTENT

breathe life into your content marketing across all formats

raving REVIEWS

hear from the real stars – my clients!

"I enjoyed working with Bishal primarily because he always understood the creative brief assigned. He's willing to take extra time to work with the team in developing unique and compelling editorial angles. He is transparent and a true team player. He's very diligent when it comes to completing his projects. He's very outspoken and honest. For me, what separates Bishal from other digital marketers is that he understands new media marketing very well."

Clarito Cruz

ProMAX Systems

"Powerful op-ed got us noticed across the industry!"

L. Kim

Yasza Media

"He suggested meme marketing and I gave in reluctantly. Turns out the idea really worked and the results were evident as orders started pouring in."

Tim Dowling


"He's a friend of small businesses! Not only did he set me up in the digital world, but he practically taught me the fundamentals of content marketing to ensure I can handle some things on my own. "

Bhavesh K.



be the envy of your colleagues and competitors

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Then you need to check out my blog, where I spill the tea on all the latest marketing trends and topics.

It’s like having a backstage pass to the marketing world, where I’ll share all the secrets that other marketers don’t want you to know.

let's create CONTENT

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